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Wolfgang's "Villain" Basti Artadi Interview

Oct. 22, 2008 1:48 PM
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I wrote Basti Artadi of Wolfgang who currently resides in the states and asked him if i could ask him a few questions about their upcoming album, thankfully he said yes!  Check out some of our questions and answers and stick around for the follow up questions which ill be asking him soon enough :)  Thanks again Basti!  See you soon!

  Is "Villains" the final title of the new album and will it still be released as planned in December of 2008? If so, will Wolfgang be promoting the album through live shows here in the Philippines? Is "Villains" an independent release or under a major record label?

BASTI:  Yes Villains is going to be the 6th studio album for Wolfgang. We are all currently running around frantically to finish everything up. But December is the month that this puppy comes out. FOR SURE!!! We might go the distribution route with a major (label),  That’s another thing that we are working on since we have other ideas regarding that but production wise we did everything ourselves.

ODYSSEYLIVE:  What was your recording process being that the band is not physically together? I'm assuming online magic right? What was that like and can you name some differences of recording separately from the other guys like not being in the studio with them, how they weren't there to tell you stuff like that was a good take man lets use that?! Did you have an engineer with you or did you record your vocals completely on your own at home?

BASTI:  Well after the alive concerts ideas and things started flowing pretty fast between Manuel and myself. He would email me some music and then I would record something over it and we would basically exchange e-mails back and forth about the song until we felt that we had it finished. This was the same process repeated for the rest of the album. The good thing about this is that you really come out with a product you are sure of because nothing is rushed and you really get to have your ideas out on paper so to speak. The bad thing is that it takes a lot of time, there is no way this album would have been anything close to what it is if we were working our old way with a record company deadline looming over our shoulders. Well as Manuel will tell you I can get pretty over the top when recording and I usually need a producer or fuck, a human breathing person to say “HOY, YOU STOP THAT” and reign me in so to speak. When I first tracked the actual vocals there were some usable things, most of it was either too hot or flat or just fucking weird. I went home to spend time with family and was able to get some recording squeezed in with Manuel doing the reigning in bit and so everything worked great.

ODYSSEYLIVE:  Who are the musicians that played on the album?

BASTI:  Villains started a year ago when we got together for Alive. Wolf had stated his intention of giving his all to the cause that was Lokomotiv at the time and so that was that. We still had to do what we had to do so we went ahead with writing and recording the album. It’s me on vocals, Manuel on guitars, Mon on Bass and Francis Aquino on drums. Francis is the one who played drums for us, along with Brian Velasco, during the Alive sets.

ODYSSEYLIVE:  How and where will the album be sold? Are physical copies being made and put into Filipino record bars or will this be more of an online thing being the record was sort of made online as well? Its already end of october and the album is coming out in 2 months, what will the band do in order to promote the album?

BASTI:  If we have our way EVERYWHERE!!!!  Haha.  Don’t remind me man SHET!!! Don’t worry we will make sure you guys can grab a copy no matter what size shape or form you want it in.

ODYSSEYLIVE:  What can we expect from Wolfgang in the time that you'll be here in the country?


ODYSSEYLIVE:  Any other info you might want to share with your fans? :)


There you have it Wolfgang fans!  Wolfgang is releasing "VILLAINS" in December and there are gonna be a couple of shows!  See you in December Basti and thanks loads for the interview!  Follow up questions to follow hahaha!  See ya!

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