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Name: Black Summer
Location: manila/cebu
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: band
Sounds like...: Goo Goo dolls, Dave Matthews, Dishwalla, Third Eye Blind, Foo Fighters etc... (post grunge, alternative-pop and what have you) hehe
About Me: BLACK SUMMER is a three piece group that was formed out of circumstance intended and otherwise. From back to when it all started with Allen Alesna (vox/guitars) and brother Ian (on drums) to the fateful twist with Gboy Munsayac (bass guitars), BLACK SUMMER is a force to reckon with. With Allen and Ian's blood chemistry to Allen and Gboy's playful riff exchanges, it's a prodigious fusion of genres.
Links: blacksummer.tk


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miggy miggy 6 years ago Hey guys! Thanks for signing up! Looking forward to hearing your music!!!
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